Case Study 3 - french primary teaching


What is the context?

Recently qualified primary school teacher (or trainee) who teaches general primary and has a French A Level. Would like to refresh knowledge of French with a view to teaching some French in the primary school and develop his/her understanding of French culture.

What is the purpose of the learning activity?

To travel to France to enrol in a language school for two weeks and be accommodated with a French speaking host family. This would enable the teacher/trainee to become more confident about teaching in the French language. Young learners’ intercultural understanding is developed as teacher is better able to discuss aspects of French culture with his/her pupils and help them to consider another culture/s in the light of their own.

Why would you need support? How would the grant enable you to do something you would otherwise not do?

Help is required to subsidise (or partly subsidise) travelling costs, enrolment in the language school and accommodation costs. As a recently qualified teacher, meeting the costs of such an intensive placement would be prohibitive.