Fundraising guidelines

This page offers some helpful guidance if you're considering raising money for The Ann Dodgson Foundation. If you have any questions, please contact us using the email address below.


  • If you’re thinking of fundraising for The Ann Dodgson Foundation, then get in touch at – We would love to know what you’re planning and can support you through the process
  • We would recommend that you start fundraising approximately 3 months in advance of the event
  • Set a realistic fundraising target that you think is achievable – far more satisfying to beat it, than not quite make it!

Your Virgin Giving Fundraising Page

  1. The following link will take you to The Ann Dodgson Foundation Virgin Giving page - Click here
  2. Click ‘Start Fundraising’ on the right hand side of the page.
  3. Register with Virgin Giving
  4. Select the fundraising option that is most appropriate to you
  5. Complete details of the event
  6. Complete charity details: Search for The Ann Dodgson Foundation
  7. Complete remaining personal/team details and then create your fundraising page

Social Media

  • Communication on social media is essential – remind, remind and remind again
  • Kick-off your fundraising campaign approximately 3 months in advance.
  • Tell a story - build anticipation for the main event with: training insights, what is your cause etc.
  • Link your Virgin Giving page to any post you make on social media
  • Link in The Ann Dodgson Foundation social media pages:
  • Include in your post some text on the Foundation:
    • The Ann Dodgson Foundation has been set up to advance in life and help young people in the United Kingdom by encouraging them to be comfortable beyond the boundaries of their own culture.
    • Ann was a great human being and teacher who was inspired by France.  The Foundation was established in her memory to create opportunities for others to be similarly inspired by French language and culture
    • Aims: To advance in life and help young people in particular by:
      • encouraging young people in the United Kingdom to be comfortable beyond the boundaries of their own culture and by promoting French culture.
      • helping young people as well as aspiring, training and practising teachers and others involved in education, to enjoy, understand and be inspired by France – its people, its language, its history and its culture.
      • helping young people learn about the United Nations – its Charter, its purpose, its range and its value.
      • Advancing the education of young people in the subject of France – its people, its language, its history and its culture.
  • Encourage your donors to add Gift Aid

Fundraising Ideas

  • General sponsorship through Virgin Giving
  • Cake sales
  • Work Sweepstakes on ‘how fast you will run’, for example.