case study 6 - student interested in             international affairs


What is the context?

I am a sixth form student studying subjects like Politics or History, or an International Baccalaureate Diploma or Career-related Certificate. I am developing an interest into how the world works and what the mechanisms might be for rendering it a better place. As a student I am between 16 and 25 years of age, widely-read and increasingly curious about the world. I am a member/supporter of a political party or a single-issue pressure group such as Greenpeace, war on want or Amnesty International. I am a member of the United Nations Association in the UK.
I am well versed in the problems facing the world in terms of migration, environmental degradation, conflict, nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction, human rights violations, genocide etc. However, without a clear sense of agency and how to make a difference my passion may turn into cynicism.

What is the purpose of the learning activity?

I would like to visit the United Nations and see it at first hand. I am aware of internship possibilities with, for instance, the World Federation of United Nations Associations, but I would prefer at this stage a first-hand introduction to the work of the United Nations, its programmes and the activities of its family of Specialised Organisations.
I realise that I have a better chance of achieving this as part of an official UNA group rather than travelling as an individual. I think there are additional benefits to travelling with like-minded people as well as with leaders who understand the work of the UN and UNA.

Why do they need support? How would the grant enable you to do something you would otherwise not do?

Geneva is an expensive city. Whilst I might be able to afford the costs of access to the Palais des Nations in Geneva I know that the cost of living in terms of food and accommodation is not insignificant. A grant from TADFG would help me access this programme particularly in view of the fact that I am a student with a low income. The opportunity to visit and study at the UN is exciting in itself and I may be able to find the money to take part if I sacrifice other things. However, I also believe that a successful grant application from TADF would make an important contribution to my personal career portfolio and would be an interesting entry into my Curriculum Vitae or as a point I could make in my UCAS Personal Statement.