Case Study 2 - Pre A-Level french student


What is the context?

A post GCSE student has just left an 11-16 school and is poised to begin A level French at a sixth form centre. He/she is set to achieve a high GCSE grade but would like to boost confidence in their spoken French as well as grammatical awareness, in readiness for their AS class in September.

What is the purpose of the learning activity?

The student would like to travel to France and stay with a French speaking host family, with whom he/she has previously stayed on an exchange visit; additionally, to support some specific French language lessons during the stay.

Why would you need support? How would the grant enable you to do something that you otherwise would not do?

Help is required to subsidise (or partly subsidise) travel costs and accommodation. The student is working for half the summer holiday to contribute towards the cost of the trip, but financial hardship means that parents are unable to subsidise the venture.